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One Item launches the Sports Science Index™ for baseball

May 9, 2022

Kirkland, WA: One Item Inc., which has seen success in the healthcare industry in quantifiably raising education and awareness, is announcing their expansion in the field of fitness.

The company’s wellness platform, including its Health Science Index (HSI) app technology, will feature methodologies and solutions from Ironglenn (strength and conditioning advisor/trainer Glenn Freeman), who has a decorated track record of training pro-baseball and pro-football all-stars.

The same One Item Inc. algorithm that has demonstrated success in healthcare, education, and awareness, is now being applied as the Sports Science Index (SSI).

While the long-term intention is to tailor SSI for other sports, this initial offering focused on baseball will be used to help elite baseball players in a for-fee-model, as well as youth in the Dominican Republic in a pro bono model.

“We have witnessed success in the healthcare arena with great results and it is so rewarding to be able to extend our platform into the realm of fitness and sports, both at professional athlete and youth level,” said Erik Knutson, CEO of One Item Inc. “Leveraging our algorithm for the Sports Science Index adds a level of automation that will deliver scalability that just wasn’t possible before now.”

One Item Inc. is not just another goal tracking app. One Item Inc. offers an array of solutions to help people receive daily coaching on how to achieve the one goal they have chosen as most important to them, and that coaching is personalized for the user based on input they have given about their specific situation.  What’s unique about all of this, is something that is currently patent pending is essentially made up of these five components:

  1. Focus Factors. While it may seem self-descriptive that we coach the user on where to focus, there is more to it than that.  A Determinant is a term used commonly in science, and it refers to something experts have established to have a positive impact towards achieving a desired goal or outcome.  So, when you see a list of 100 foods to eat or not eat, or exercises to do or not do, Determinants, and the Focus Factors that come from them, have been proven to be the most influential relative to a goal.  There are many areas of improvement available on the platform ranging from weight loss to cardiac care, and in every case, the Focus Factors were established by professionals in the industry, including doctors and PhDs.
  2. Scoring.  With the established list of Focus Factors for each goal, the user then scores each one on a score of 0-10 (it is explained in each case whether the 10 is the best or most in need of improvement) on how they are currently doing relative to that Focus Factor.  In some instances, a user may interact with their professional coach, be that a medical professional, or in the case of the Sports Science Index, a professional coach.
  3. Importance.  With the list of Focus Factors having now been scored, the user is then asked to rate the Importance level of each one, often in a high, medium, low format.
  4. Gap.  Once the user has completed their data entry, we create what we call a Weighted Opportunity Gap.  The weighting of importance, together with the scoring of this importance are what are used for this.  This refers to the difference/delta between what is available for improvement for the user based on the results of the system’s computations.  To put it simply, for every Focus Factor a percentage is generated, so you might be at 80% of a given Focus Factor, but 100% may not be your goal or be realistic.   It may only be realistic for a user to achieve 90%, so that difference between 80% and 90% is the Opportunity Gap, and that’s what is used from a coaching standpoint to help the user be laser-focused on the definition, and measure of success.
  5. Invert it.  The final step is the most complex, and it is called Advanced Inverse Weighting by Ranking – the name given to an algorithm that generates the personalized optimization scores.  

So, this is much more than just sorting a few things based on some user inputs, it’s taking an expert-derived list of Focus Factors, then having them scored for current performance and importance, assessing just how much they can improve, and then defining how much improvement is possible, followed by the final step of generating optimization scores.

With that solid foundation as a starting point, every day the application looks at the information it has and derives a list of the three most important things that person needs to work on, that day, to move forward with their specific goal.  And the user does not need to do much more data entry – all they need to do is indicate when their performance on one of their Focus Factors has changed, so the system can recalculate Optimization Scores for the next day.

“We are so happy to be able to leverage the proven success of the Sports Science Index and bring it to so many more professional athletes as well as the players in the Dominican Republic,” said Freeman, professional baseball coach. Freeman continued, “Add this patent-pending algorithm of One Item Inc. and apply it to the Sports Science Index and we have a powerhouse partnership.”

The offering will be launched by the Sports Science Index immediately and the rollout in the Dominican Republic will be announced by June 2022.

About One Item

Based in Kirkland, WA, One Item, Inc., the software company that is transforming change management, has recently launched a new mobile app called the Health Science Index, which has been active in medical trials for over one year. It is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

HSI joins the existing consumer app called “Better Now”. Better Now helps individuals discover what’s most important, and then work on improving the way they experience life.

The apps are based around the “Science of Human Optimization” and are available for the iPhone and Android smartphones. There are two more versions in the works, an extended tablet version for the Health Science Index, and the corporate management software known as CHI.

OUR MISSION: To make life better with solutions that provide direction and care.

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