One Item Inc.

One Item on which to Focus

What does our name, “one item” stand for?

Simply put, One Item is the new millenium’s answer to the fallicy of “multitasking”.

About 30 years ago, the concept of “multitasking” peaked as a way to increase productivity. For instance, when employees are asked to do a variety of tasks with overlapping due dates, they might use multitasking to help them complete everything on time.

However, when we try to “multitask” we are sacrificing the power of full presence of mind, i.e. “focus”. Research indicates that multitaskers are actually less likely to be productive, however, because they FEEL more emotionally satisfied, it creates a false sense of accomplishment.

Here are some things we can do to improve our concentration and focus.

In this way, you can learn how to get more done by training your thoughts to put the focus on one thing at a time. Please watch for future articles on the topic of “focus”!

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