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History and Mission

Our Mission: To Listen

One Item, Inc., the software company and self-improvement network that is transforming change management, has just recently launched a mobile app, called “Better Now”. Better Now helps individuals discover what’s really important, and then work on improving the way they experience life.

The app is based around the “Science of Human Optimization”, and is available for the iPhone and Android smartphones. There are two more versions in the works, an extended tablet version, for the professional practitioner called Better Balance, and the corporate software known as CHI. One Item has also recently launched a podcast called Honor Tomorrow.

OUR MISSION: To make life better with solutions that provide direction and care.

We give: care, listening, and solutions; hire and retain smart, loving people and create products of such quality that people find us!

Our Awesome Team
Meet the One Item professionals
Erik Knutson
Erik Knutson
CEO, Chairman
Change Management Expert Past Microsoft Program Manager Past CEO of Design Labs, Inc. B.A. Bus Administration M.S. Computer Science
Brian Williams
Brian Williams
Industrial Engineer, Systems Architect, Computer Scientist, a past 20 Year Software Co. President, with an extensive background which includes NASA & DOD engineering projects.
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Customer Service
Customer centered personalized service to resolve issues promptly.
One Item is dedicated to listening to their community, users and stakeholders.
Accomplished individuals who invest in each other and share their strengths to make the collective stronger.
We take all reasonable precautions to protect your Personal Information, and agree not to sell it.