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History and Mission

One Item's App Platform

One Item is an organization with a core infrastructure platform supporting multiple branded apps with a variety modules that help people improve on a specific part of their life. 

Through 2022 all of the content in One Item modules was developed in coordination with a world-class subject matter in their field, and beginning in 2023 modules will be released leveraging content generated with modern artificial intelligence technology. 

Whether it’s living with Atrial Fibrillation (AFib), living longer, or becoming a better athlete at the pro, college, or youth level, One Item’s large and growing list of modules helps people achieve their specific goals – one item at a time.

What does One Item do that separates it from other self-improvement solutions?

The core aspect every One Item module leverages is a patent pending algorithm that processes the individual input of each user to recommend the top three things for them to work on every time they go into a module.  It’s powered by something called inverse weighted ranking and the user experience is similar to having a personal coach every time a person interacts with their module.

Our Awesome Team
Meet the One Item professionals
Erik Knutson
Erik Knutson
CEO, Chairman, Founder
Founder, inventor, and prime evangelist, Erik is responsible for inventing the core logic and change methodology built into the software products. Subsequent to founding One Item, Inc. in 2016 his leadership has enabled the company to form health care and industry relationships crucial for success. His passion for complexity simplification, process automation, and cross-functional team building is helping to establish One Item as the platform solution to help organizations and individuals reach their goals. Change Management Expert, Past Microsoft Program Manager, Past CEO of Design Labs, Inc. B.A. Bus Administration, M.S. Computer Science
Brian Williams
Brian Williams
CTO & Co-founder
Brian helps to oversee operations for company and is the technical captain and Systems Architect for the software products. He designed the data-driven enterprise system which encompasses the multi-platform mobile apps, administrative dashboard and the EHR interoperability. Over his tech career he has headed over 700+ software projects, being a past 20-year software company President. He is an Industrial Engineer and was the CEO of California Vision Mining, Inc. Earlier in his career he worked in the aerospace industry, manufacturing parts for the NASA Space Shuttle and the DOD for the B1B. Brian went to engineering school at Cal Poly Pomona starting at age 17.
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Customer Service
Customer centered personalized service to resolve issues promptly.
One Item is dedicated to listening to their community, users and stakeholders.
Accomplished individuals who invest in each other and share their strengths to make the collective stronger.
We take all reasonable precautions to protect your Personal Information, and agree not to sell it.