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8 March 2020 - 16:50, by , in Emotional Health, Mental Health, Comments off

People strive to work hard and acquire the things they value. But does one always know the true value of things?

When you look at the behavior of many Americans, you may find that many people are “reactors”. Far too many people end up living their lives in response to other people’s expectations, rather than finding and setting priorities for themselves.

Wasted Prime Time
Many spend precious time in their day answering emails, making phone calls, responding to invitations, and addressing demands from other people.

Before setting your priorities, you need to figure out exactly what those are. How do you expect to improve the quality of your life, if you don’t know which items to focus on?

Consider how you want to live your life. If you want to work only a certain amount of hours per week, but your current job prevents you from doing that, then finding a new job might take precedent on your to-do list. “It’s important to have your priorities straight so you’re living a life of purpose and fulfillment that feels good for you.

Most of us have a few things in our lives that drain us of our energy, sometimes without our even realizing it. Each of these things, known as ‘tolerations,’ can be mildly to moderately draining on their own, but the stress that they carry adds up. If we find ourselves devoting energy to these multiple ‘drains’ in our lives for too long, we can be less resilient toward larger challenges that present themselves, so even if these mild stressors don’t carry much of a negative effect much of the time, they can hinder our ability to cope when we need it the most.

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