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Beyond the patent-pending algorithm, and with all of this world class content, One Item helps users in four basic ways, the so-called pillars of success:

a. Prioritization.  It is so easy for people to get overwhelmed with too much information and to do lists that are too long.  It all starts with what we call Focus Factors – usually 25-35 specific things users can self-assess for importance and current status/progress.  The Focus Factors have been chosen and curated by our subject matter experts and this is critical.  By reviewing the input received form the user on the focus factor in terms of importance and progress, with the patent-pending algorithm they get a simple, personalized, list of three things for them to work on every time they open the app, much like an expert, and expensive coach would do.

b. Education.  Most people have a lot to learn about where they need to improve.  Every module has links to custom content, as well as publicly available content, so the user can click on anything they want, whenever they want, to learn more.  In many cases we have videos created by our subject matter experts to help users understand things ranging from diet and exercise in health, to how not to get injured in sports, to how to measure corporate health.

c. Engagement.  It’s easy for users to ignore or forget about apps, and goals, but all of the One Item modules send friendly reminders to the users, on a schedule they set, so there are not too many reminders.

d. Data.  Once they use the app, they will start to see a dashboard with a graph of their progress, and some groups are able to roll up this data to show progress at both the summary, and the Focus Factor level.

All of the modules available currently fall under a branded app, and today those include:

Health Science Index (HSI).  The Health Science Index includes a number of modules suited for specific needs of patients in healthcare, from living longer, to living with AFib and heart failure.  On our roadmap is to integrate with the systems the caregivers use such as EPIC and Cerner, so that caregivers can see how a patient is progressing, and some day also get alerts when something worthy of their attention changes with the patient through their module.

• Sports Science Index (SSI).  SSI is initially baseball, pro, followed by youth and collegiate, but will later include other sports.  The keys in SSI are helping an athlete understand the balance across diet and exercise, strength, and staying injury free.

• Corporate Health Index (CHI).  CHI is starting small with a lightweight version of CHI in organizational security, with a roadmap that takes it into other major areas critical to corporate health.

Better Now. Better Now is the app that has been around the longest, that also has the most modules.  This is one of the areas that starting in 2023 people should expect to see modules with content generated with AI.

Ease of use

Setup for the app going through the Focus Factors typically takes just a couple of minutes, where the user responds to the 25-35 or so things that the subject matter experts has said have the greatest impact on the user achieving their goal.  The user reads through these based on how important they are (they do default to the opinion of the subject matter expert, but the user can override them) and how they are doing in that area.  Once that’s complete – they are ready to go.  Daily use, encouraged by reminders the user can manage, often takes just seconds unless the user wants to explore some of the educational information described below.

Background Information

One Item is an infrastructure and platform company that gets world class content from both subject matter experts, and soon AI. Through 2022, all content was created and curated with nationally and internationally experts in their respective fields.  We collaborated with Dr. Sam Sears to create our AFib module under our Health Science Index (HSI) brand.  As another example we have been working with Pro Baseball trainer and coach Glenn Freeman for our baseball modules for pro, college, and youth athletes to help them exceed expectations which will launch in Q2 of 2023 under the Sports Science Index (SSI).  Later in the year we will launch our first modules under the Corporate Health Index Brand (CHI) starting with an enterprise security module based on the nationally recognized NIST framework, which we have developed in conjunction with nationally recognized security leader Stan Stahl.

Benefits of using the One Item family of mobile apps
Take a look at these capabilities
Uncover Obstacles
Better Now uncovers hidden obstacles - the algorithm surfaces most important, needy items
Serves a Variety of Needs
Serves a variety of needs: choose from six different themed templates
Perform self-assessment
Perform a self-assessment. The focus factors cover a spectrum of lifestyle and health topics
Personal Dashboard
Use your own Personal Dashboard to track program status and improvements
Share with Friends
Share your journey with your friends. Invite family and friends to support your efforts
Achieve Your Goals
Achieve more and get faster results by using videos and online content

Introduction to Better Now

How-To Use Better Now