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Self Assessment, Improvement and Realization

Optimize Your Life In Ways Never Before Possible!

One Item, Inc., has two mobile apps in the app stores. The consumer app is called “Better Now”, and the heath care oriented app is called the Health Science Index. Both apps are based around The Science of Human Optimization.

These new “life optimization” tools will uncover the three biggest obstacles which have been blocking and limiting your progress towards achieving your goals. As you work on your key weaknesses, the results will be truly transformational, affecting your health, wellbeing and overall quality of life.

The Health Science Index includes condition specific modules to assist in recovery and better patient outcomes for:

* Rural Health
* Atrial Fibrillation
* Heart Disease
* and others…

Better Now includes strategies to deal with everyday issues, as well as specific tools to assist:

* Life Coaches
* Busy Adults
* Counselors & Therapists
* High Achievers

Benefits of using the One Item family of mobile apps
Take a look at these capabilities
Uncover Obstacles
Better Now uncovers hidden obstacles - the algorithm surfaces most important, needy items
Serves a Variety of Needs
Serves a variety of needs: choose from six different themed templates
Perform self-assessment
Perform a self-assessment. The focus factors cover a spectrum of lifestyle and health topics
Personal Dashboard
Use your own Personal Dashboard to track program status and improvements
Share with Friends
Share your journey with your friends. Invite family and friends to support your efforts
Achieve Your Goals
Achieve more and get faster results by using videos and online content

Introduction to Better Now

How-To Use Better Now