Accept What Is – Those Things You Can’t Change

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How Acceptance Can Make Your Life Better

Be more accepting of things out of your control – treat them like rules of the game of life

It seems that we often talk about the human condition as though it were something we only ought to bear. We sometimes forget that we can transform the situation and free ourselves from the burden. This can be achieved through the power of acceptance.

It isn’t to make light of the sufferings that people go through, but rather that of lightening the situation and making it better. This can be done by being more accepting of yourself, your emotions, your current state, and the world around you.

On accepting a current situation
It helps to accept that some of our situations in life can, indeed, be very challenging. There are things which are within our power and those which are inevitably out of our control. Still, we can exercise control over our own emotions and reactions to these, right?

On making others feel accepted
As human beings, we can be more understanding of each other’s failures and limitations. However, it does not necessarily follow that we accept any type of behavior that would demean ourselves or others. Instead, the situation may call for a more appropriate action – a better way of doing things – that would bring happiness and harmony in our relationships.

Ultimately, the key to acceptance is acknowledgment. Our lives get so much better when we acknowledge both the similarities that unite us and the unique traits that set us apart.