Allowing for Self-Pleasure

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Is Self-pleasure Necessary?

 Self-pleasure is not selfish.

 “The only shame in masturbation is not doing it well.”-Sigmund Freud

Masturbation or self-pleasure is a typical, healthy, and natural way of practicing self-care. It is beneficial for both mind and body. People masturbate for different reasons. It allows individuals to relax and understand their body better. Moreover, it can also become an outlet for release tension in the body. However, most people do masturbate just because of how good it feels. 

According to a study in 2011, learning self-pleasure is not done from home or school, instead, through friends and social media. Despite the social stigma against doing self-pleasure, both genders come to terms with doing it. However, men recognize and come to terms with doing it as a regular occurrence faster than women. 

Another study in 2016 found that men who ejaculate more frequently have a lesser risk of developing prostate cancer by 20%. 

Benefits of self-pleasure:

  • It helps improve self-esteem. Releasing endorphins during orgasms helps elevate the mood level of the individual.
  • It helps reduce stress. The hormone oxytocin gets released during self-pleasure. The hormone is responsible for relieving stress inside the body.
  • It helps the individual get better sleep. Self-pleasure is a work-out on its own which tires and relaxes the body at the same time, thus causing the individual to get satisfied and sleepy. 
  • It can relieve pain such as menstrual cramps. Masturbation can divert pain through pleasure. 
  • It helps strengthen muscles located in the pelvic area.