Assessing Your Personal Ergonomics

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Ergonomics as part of Wellbeing

Health is a state of mind. Wellness is a state of being.

“Design is not just what it looks and feels. Its how it works.”-Steve Jobs

There is a growing recognition of the importance of wellbeing in the workplace as it can increase the efficiency and productivity of the company. A study in 2017 found that Australian employers are continuously growing physical, mental, emotional, and social welfare of their employees. Moreover, 78% of the employers are offering benefits to promote health and wellness. 

Ergonomics is the act of incorporating the anatomical, physiological, and psychological capabilities of a human being to his/her work. It aims to increase efficiency and promote well being at the same time.

According to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, ergonomics has a significant impact on the productivity of different organizations. The study found that having an ergonomically designed work environment can increase average performance by 12%. 

Benefits of ergonomics:

  • It can decrease the risk of injuries. Bad ergonomics can contribute to musculoskeletal problems and other chronic health conditions as well. 
  • It enhances human performance and productivity. It can help boost the overall morale and increase positive social interaction among employees. This benefit then translates to better returns and outcomes for the company.  
  • It enhances the well being of an individual socially, mentally, and emotionally. Ergonomics creates the best between the two worlds of work and personal life balance.