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Virus attacks can impact your devices, your data and your life

Install antivirus on personal computer(s) and smartphone(s) and run it weekly.

Antivirus software is typically available as a standard component of a smart device’s operating software, periodically checking device memory and files for malware: dangerous, foreign code or files (small bits of software). The software will remove or nullify its ability to affect your personal smart device’s operation.

Antivirus function complements that of firewall filters, if and when malware slips through. It is an available component with most major smart device operating systems and add-on security suites, such as Norton™ 360. It is recommended to run a full device scan at least weekly. This is typically originated with a software setting or by default. Scans should be initiated manually if virus infection is suspected.

Here is a summary by smart device operating system:

  • Windows PCs come with Defender as its built-in antivirus software.
  • Android smartphones come with Google Play Protect for antivirus protection.
  • Apple offers built-in antivirus protection, called XProtect, in macOS® on its Macintosh systems, iOS on iPhones and iPadOS on its iPads. Apple advises its hardware users to be very careful when installing new application software.

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