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Your personal data is for sale on the Dark Web!

Check your personal exposure on the Dark Web at

To check your personal data exposure on the Dark Web in an objective way, check Microsoft’s Troy Hunt’s The term “pwned” is computer gamer slang for “owned” or “totally defeated.” You may sadly discover how many times your personal email address is listed in the Dark Web.

An alternate approach to checking your exposure, if you use Chrome as your web browser, is to install Google’s Password Checkup extension. When you login to a website, it’ll check to see if your ID and password have been previously leaked in a data breach. Changing your password is then mandatory.

For boring, good citizens, it’s a bit of an overkill, but provides a comprehensive, personal “reputation” checkup.

CyberGuardian: a SecureTheVillage Guide for Residents is available on Amazon.
A complete Security Checklist is available:
References for Village Residents are available at SECURE THE VILLAGE:

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