Avoiding Prolonged Sitting

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A majority of Americans are sedentary.

60 percent of our waking day is spent on sitting based activities

We do a lot of eating, commuting, using a computer, or watching TV

It can take a bit of persistence and creativity to break out of this routine Find ways that can fit into your schedule. For example, a 30-minute TV program has 9 to 12 minutes of commercials. Don’t watch them sitting down. Instead, stand up and move around the room.

In the office, don’t email or call coworkers just get up and walk over to their desks! What a concept!

Find activities to build into your daily life. Try to stand while doing some activities… even the ones that you usually do while you are sitting. Don’t just limit your sitting time. Also think about adding more exercise to your schedule.

Begin to walk, using a pedometer or other device to track your progress. Slowly work towards a goal, like maybe 6,000 steps per day…

Here are some other things to consider:

  • Avoid long periods sitting in front of your TV or computer.
  • Stand up and move around during commercial breaks.
  • Try to stand up and walk around while you are on the phone.
  • Instead of the elevator, use the stairs as much as possible.
  • Take up active hobbies such as gardening or other semi-strenuous activities
  • Join in community-based activities, such as dance classes and walking groups.