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Learn How to Compliment

As with other social niceties, it takes some practice to be well socialized

Why Be Sarcastic When You Can Be Complimentary?

Do you find an equal amount of joy in being complimented as in complimenting others? Compliments are positive reinforcement for others – and yourself – especially when they are genuine and sincere. In fact, both sides benefit from the habit of being complimentary. Out of your own personal sense of gratitude, it becomes easy for you to express your appreciation for others. By infusing the moment with positivity, you never really know how much you’ve made someone else’s day.

When to compliment someone
Seize the moment by complimenting good deeds right away! Why wait for a better time or a moment more deserving than now? Be comfortable about complimenting the people closest to you. Using a technique called “Catch Them Being Good”, the key would be to focus on the positive trait which you have observed and then build on that.
How to give a genuine compliments
For the other person to receive compliments with graciousness, try not to place them in an awkward spot. Make the praise genuine by not questioning whether the object of attention is authentic or not. Otherwise, you might be interpreted as being sarcastic.
What’s more, avoid taking back what you originally said by offering your own opinion. Have you ever begun with, “You have a lovely home!” and then followed through with “Isn’t this too big for you?” or “Do you agree with this shade of green? I would personally go for lime (or something).”
In a thumbs-up type of compliment, remember to make it about the other person and not about you. Point out their awesomeness, and that’s when you give a stellar compliment that lets people shine.



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