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You Benefit When You Forgive Others

“Forgiveness gives you freedom… It also means having compassion for yourself.”

Have there been instances in your life that you’ve been waiting for the chance to be forgiving? Willing as we are to forgive, sometimes it takes too long or happens too late, simply because the other person remains unremorseful and unapologetic. But then again, are we giving the other person too much of a say in our own process of healing?

Forgiveness gives you freedom

It is the desire for freedom that prompts us to go ahead and forgive even without anything in return. When we let go and give acceptance, we do it for ourselves. This can be liberating because we choose to break away from the chains – from the hold which that person has upon us. It takes a lot of courage, but it can be done.

A lack of forgiveness can lead to illness

Forgiveness also means having compassion for yourself. When you hold on to resentment, you only hurt yourself. Mindful of the effect that bitterness can have within you, you choose not to allow the pain to linger in your heart any longer. By doing so, it benefits your health in so many ways. You experience less anxiety and stress. You become less prone to bouts of depression and suffer less from hypertension and heart disease.

Once you let go and give acceptance, say it like you mean it! Do not revisit and re-inflict judgment or punishment upon yourself and the other. Instead, do your best to erase the negative feeling and substitute it with peace and serenity. Visualize the healing on those parts of you that used to hurt, and imagine yourself as wonderfully whole.

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