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Become More Introspective to Make Authentic Decisions

Is this a question you have asked yourself lately? “How am I?

“Having a strong sense on your own self develops your emotional intelligence and makes you a better decision-maker.”

You make decisions every day. Most of them are made in milliseconds with the action-reaction mechanism of the brain. More complex decisions require you to think longer. What do I want? If you don’t know it yourself, you may succumb to the strongest external influences around you. It can be a popular opinion, creative commercial advertising, maybe your boss, or your mother. They will tell you what they think you should do or have. There may be some wisdom to their words… but are they you? Is their solution something that truly adds value and gives happiness to you?

Having a strong sense of your own self develops your emotional intelligence and makes you a better decision-maker; being introspective is the key to such self-awareness.

How to channel the power of introspection

You can look at yourself in the mirror and engage in self-reflection. How am I? Do I like what I see? Then go beyond the surface and even deeper inside yourself. Be introspective and examine your own thoughts and feelings. Why? What do I really want?

Find your best way of frequently getting in touch with your inner self, whether it is through writing in a journal, swimming, long mindful walks, or some creative outlet. Part of the process is confronting your weaknesses and fears. Acknowledge them and use the power of focus to overcome them. As your self-knowledge grows with continuous introspection, you will make more authentic choices that are true to your soul, allowing you to become the best you can be.