Beware of Allergic Reactions

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Unseen Causes of Allergies

When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.

“Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”

Spring is usually the time of the year, where a lot of people get allergies. However, there are more to allergies than what meets the eye. Allergy is a body reaction against certain substances in the environment called allergens. Examples include pollen, bee sting, dust, and seafood.

During an allergic reaction, the body will exhibit symptoms such as hives, redness, swelling, and itching. Worst cases can cause anaphylactic shock, which makes the person unable to breathe.

Studies confirm that long-term untreated allergy can cause multiple chronic health diseases, including asthma, respiratory infections, and sinus infections. Moreover, it can cause sleeping problems and decrease brain processing. Furthermore, it can also cause mood instability and lead to irritability and anxiety.

Tips on handling allergy:

  • During pregnancy, don’t smoke as it can affect the development of the fetus.
  • Breastfeed is the key. Milk from breast contains immune boosters that formula milk cant give.
  • Create an action plan for your allergy in the chance it occurs. 
  • Inform your friends and family about your condition to spread awareness. This method will help you avoid your allergy occurring.