Heighten Productivity for Your Organization
Gain Visibility to Actionable Intelligence

The CHI Desktop Application

Monitor the attitude, motivation & productivity of your team!

What is the first duty —and the continuing responsibility—of the business manager? “To strive for the best possible economic results from the resources currently employed or available.”

Here are just some of the desktop application benefits:

  • Easily view the most Actionable Items
  • World-class change management and manifest change with care
  • Utilize Continual, Proactive change
  • Flatten your organizational process
  • Reveal the most effective path to improvement
  • Improve Team Morale and productivity
  • See your Calculated Productivity factor improve over time

Corporate Health Index - Key Features
Some of the aspects of this unique management tool.
Managers Dashboards
Use the Management Dashboards to view & Improve Productivity and whats going on
Change Management
Take advantage of World-class change management features
Actionable Intelligence
Leverage actionable Business Intelligence via data feeds, charts and heatmaps
Improved effectiveness
Improve management effectiveness by following the most effective path to improvement
Realtime Data
Flatten your organizational data collection process for real time status view
Improve Team Morale
Improve Team Morale and the bottom line of your organization