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How Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health

It’s a good day! You made it out of bed! 

“Wake up with determination and sleep with satisfaction.”

A person spends around a third of his day in bed. The importance of the bed mattress gets overlooked, and often, the person focuses on sleep.

The matress can affect the sleep as it controls the position of blood vessel network and skeletal system of an individual.  

Studies show that lying down for an extended period can reduce blood flow, thus leading to lack of oxygen and nutrients in the body. This problem can lead to a variety of successive conditions such as bed sores. This concern is where the mattress comes in handy. A right mattress should be able to reduce pressure points in the body leading to an interrupted sleep. 

There is no one perfect mattress for everyone. Instead, one should know which mattress best fits the individual depending on the age, body concerns, and disorders if available. Another study showed that introducing a new bedding system positively changes back pain, sleep quality, and stress in individuals involved. 

How the right mattress can benefit your health:

It increases the sleep quality. A better sleep environment can decrease stress and anxiety levels. 

It relieves muscular and skeletal pains. A good mattress promotes good sleeping posture, which supports the spinal column and muscles. This process helps avoid the risk of lower back pain, hip pain, and neck pain. 

It lessens the risk of allergy. Old mattresses accumulates dust and possibly bed bugs over time. By renewing the mattress every five years, individuals can avoid this problem.