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The Benefits of Good Communication Planning in an Organization

Good communication planning will help align the operation of the organization better

Good communication planning is good business

Communication planning as used in organizations is simply a policy-driven approach to effectively providing the stakeholders and employees with information. Typically, the planning is created in a way that it clearly defines what information should be given to who, what communication channels are to be used in delivering the information and when exactly should the information be delivered.

John Powel, a British film music composer, says communication works only when we work at it. To have good communication planning, we must work at it. This concerns defining what pieces of information should be delivered, the channels for delivering the information, who will be receiving it, and when it will be released and distributed.

Good communication planning will help align the operation of the organization better

Here are some of the benefits:

• Enables important engagement and conversations with partners and business leaders about the good strategies that can deliver best on key business opportunities and needs

• Keeps the team charged internal communication matters to stay focused and properly guided

• It provides a clear roadmap for communicating consistently with employees

• It ensures that employees are always informed accordingly and this makes them feel informed especially about the organization’s goals

• It ensures the use of figures, examples, facts and believable sources when communicating

• It promotes good use of different channels of communication to manifest the right communications to the right people and at the right time

• Helps in breaking down any resistance to change among employees

According to research, project managers spend about 90% of their time on communication. Good communication planning is good business. Make an effort to focus on it.