Deep Sleep Cycles

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The Importance of Getting DEEPER Sleep

Sleep solves everything!

“Life is like a deep sleep of which love is everything.”-Alfred de Musset

The sleeping cycle is composed of four stages and two categories. The two categories mentioned include REM and non-REM. REM or light sleep pertains to the early stage of sleep, which is accompanied by rapid movement of eyes and low muscle tone while non-REM or deep sleep refers to non-rapid eye movement and accompanied by slow brain waves.

non-REM or deep sleep is responsible for consolidating memories, learning new knowledge, and processing emotions. Moreover, it also takes care of biological balance by recovering the body and boosting both the immune system and metabolism as well. Thus, deep sleep is considered the most important among all the sleep cycle stages.

According to NCBI, deep sleep accounts for the first 13-23% of an entire sleep cycle, so in an eight-hour sleep cycle, 62-110 minutes would be considered deep sleep.

Importance of deep sleep:
It helps the brain to store and process new memories replenish glucose levels for neurological function balance hormones through the pituitary gland. It allows regeneration of tissues and cells.

How to get more deep sleep:
1. Avoid technologies when going to sleep. (especially the ones that contain blue lights.)
2. Turn off light source when sleeping. Use blackout curtains or position the bed away from windows or lamps.
3. Limit nicotine and caffeine intake, which could increase heartbeat and brain function, thus making it harder for one to sleep.
4. Don’t eat a lot before going to bed. It can cause bloating, which makes it harder for the person to sleep.
5. Set regular sleep schedules that you can follow.