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DNA Genetic Testing

Use DNA Testing To Learn Your Genetic Achilles Heel

One can never run away from the future, but one can always prepare for it.

“Genetics load the gun. Lifestyle pulls the trigger.”

Most people chase their dreams but fail to track their health along the way. They say that health is wealth and people can only understand that when they become successful already. Thus, preparing for future health concerns is a must and should be done as soon as possible. 

DNA refers to the genetic makeup of an individual’s body. It contains all the genetic information with regards to physical conditions and ancestral health risks passed from an older generation as well. Essentially, it is a blueprint for all body structures and functions. DNA genetic profile testing can affirm the likelihood of developing the following diseases:

Finding faults in the genes has never been more convenient after the arrival of DNA home testing kits. They are significantly cheaper than going to a lab but can provide lesser privacy for results. 

According to studies, early discovered diseases are far easier to treat as compared to diseases found in the late stages. Thus, learning about the existence of the condition earlier can increase the life expectancy of an individual.

Best DNA kits for you to try:

  1. AncestryDNA- maps out the entire ancestry and percentage ethnicity of your gene.
  2. 23andme- offers a combined health and ancestry kit. It can show health concerns and ethnicity.
  3. LivingDNA- offers a budget 3-in-1 living DNA comprehensive ancestry test up to 15 generations back.


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