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Think as You Eat!

Slow down your eating too fast, don’t you think so?

“The faster we live, the less emotion gets left in the world. The slower we live, the deeper we feel the world around us”- Stanko Abadzic

Being mindful is being conscious or aware of one’s surroundings. The concept of mindfulness has been used in different religions such as Buddhism to increase awareness of surroundings and at the same time to release stress and alleviate emotions. It is also useful to calm the mind and relieve problems such as high blood pressure as it has a therapeutic effect on individuals practicing it.

Mindful eating is mostly paying attention to what you eat with your long term health in mind. Research from the Medical Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that eating attentively negatively influences food intake, which ultimately aids weight loss and trains the mind of an individual to consume calories consciously.

How to eat mindfully:

– Slow down and think before you eat, consider what the food is

– Understand the concept of a balanced nutritional meal

– Listen to your body and stop when you feel full

– Set a schedule for eating times at specific places if possible

– As much as possible, eat healthy and nutrient-rich foods

– Start with a small portion, don’t treat food like a buffet

– Eat with your body and not with your emotions.

– Avoid eating too fast. It is better to pace your eating speed.