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Emails & Texts Protection – Email Aliases

Your old email address can become a target

Set up personal email address aliases for your important online accounts.

Many of us use a preferred email service. The following table – Email Service Comparison – offers a summary of the most familiar.
The Advantages column includes an assessment of the relative advantages of each in terms of integration with other vendor services.
The Secure column includes an assessment of how each is secure; all encrypt your emails during transmission, however, neither nor provides secure storage on their servers for your emails.
The Aliases column indicates how many alternative email addresses (or aliases) you can establish with each service. This is a valuable security feature, especially for your important online accounts. It is recommended that you use a different email alias for each of your major online activities; e.g. banking, investing, shopping, social media. Be careful to choose an alias that doesn’t identify you by name or specific usage; e.g. don’t include the word banking for your online bank account. When using separate email addresses for separate purposes, it becomes harder for third parties to track you across the web. If one of your aliases receives spam, you can simply delete and replace it!

Email Service Comparison

Sending and receiving email is relatively secure as messages are encrypted during transmission. However, the servers where our emails are stored by our service provider (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo) are typically unencrypted and may be vulnerable to hackers if your password is compromised – follow the previous recommendations on password creation and changing to minimize this risk.

Even if encrypted, avoid including personal information – social security number, cell phone number, bank account number, credit card numbers – when sending email.

CyberGuardian: a SecureTheVillage Guide for Residents is available on Amazon.
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