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Old emails can store a great deal about us

Reduce stored emails.

Despite their sealed envelope imagery, stored email messages are easy for undesired readers (scammers) to exploit – if they get access.

The idea in an email retention policy for casual use should be “do I really need to keep this stuff?” The risk is that nearly any piece of personal data available to an attacker may be used to access other areas of your personal life, leading to identity theft or similar problems. So, an annual purge is a sound idea.

To simply reduce email overhead, consider using the archive features provided by email programs such as Gmail.

A sound practice is to file important emails and attached files in “annual” folders on your laptop, appropriately named. This can prove useful for annual chores such as tax filings. It just makes sense to delete emails with personal information (e.g. SSNs) that aren’t of future interest for record-keeping.

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