Establishing Clear Boundaries

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Personal space needs boundaries

Try these tips to set your limits

All healthy relationships have clear-cut parameters.

Boundaries in intimate relationships are particularly serious because unlike in other relationships, partners or couples occupy each other’s most cherished space, including sexual, emotional and physical. This is why it is important to communicate, set and establishing your boundaries clearly. 

In the book, Insecure in Love: How Anxious Attachment Can Make You Feel Jealous, Needy, and Worried and What You and Do About It, author Becker-Phelps says that you should be clear about your boundaries just as you are clear about your love. We should try to communicate to our partner how much we care about them while explaining to them what we want them to respect. All healthy relationships have clear-cut parameters.

Establish clear boundaries using these tips

Establishing boundaries in an intimate relationship is a skill that requires courage and honesty, and it must be done with love. The following tips can help you set boundaries with your lover:

• Know exactly what your limits are and communicate them clearly to your partner

• Be very clear  about your needs

• Communicate your feelings and thoughts with each other in an honest and respectful manner

• Never guess or assume your partner’s feelings. Instead, ask them to give you the space you need

• Follow through on everything that you say and ensure that you are executing your boundaries

• Avoid using any absolute language or including words like never, always, and so on

Setting and establishing clear, healthy boundaries in a relationship is a skill that takes time to learn. If you remain open, trust your instinct, and practice together with your partner, you will be able to bot set healthy boundaries and your relationship will grow stronger.