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Increasing the Frequency of Family Interaction

Interact frequently for the benefit of everyone

We are social beings

Spending time with friends and family is extremely beneficial for our health and general well-being as it helps in reducing stress and negative thoughts, and also help us feel a sense of belonging. Those who meet, talk to, and engage in activities with friends and family usually feel happier and healthier if not more contented.

Maneet Chauhan says that interacting with friends and family is the simplest thing in life but gives the most pleasure. Interaction should be an integral part of life. Having family and a lot of friends around you is a part of wellness. So, to live a normal life, you must embrace interaction.

Interact frequently for everyone’s sake

Man is a social being. So, the question is not whether we should interact with family and friends, but how often. To help you increase the frequency of interaction, you should do the following:

• Find time to plan family gatherings and outings

• Plan fun and healthy activities with your friends where you will all be engaged positively

• Always call on a friend and family members to share your problems

• Develop the habit of inviting people into your home whenever possible

• Drop by your friends’ and relatives’ houses to check on them and to have a chat

• Connect with friends, family and the people you know personally on social media

• Commit to never go to bed without calling some members of your family to check on them 

According to studies, social support, whether it comes from a spouse, family members or friends, is strongly linked to better physical and mental health. The more you interact with friends and family, the healthier and happier you are likely to be.