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For Sexual Health – How much is too much?

 Sex can be enjoyed at just the right frequency for both parties.

 “Good communication is the key for a healthier sexual relationship.”

Movies are known to romanticize situations like sex, and this often leads to people to exaggerate the numbers relating to it. The number of sexual partners are either increased or decreased, the size of a person’s junk gets more massive, and even the duration of the intercourse.

Scientifically speaking, there is an accurate idea of how many times an adult gets to have sex. On average, it is 54 times a year, or about once a week. A study published in 2015 have correlated the frequency of sex to the happiness of an individual. The Social Psychological and Personality Science also support the idea.   They stated that couples who engage in sexual activities once in seven days are found to have a happier relationship than those who don’t.

When do we know that we are having too much sex?


According to Brian Jory, Ph.D., it is a human tendency to become bored whenever an event occurs repeatedly. This can be solved in a simple manner – through communication

Becoming too competitive

There is no competition when it comes to sex; it is just between the two of you becoming one and understanding both your needs. Some people consider having a sense of security, comfort, and love makes them sensitized.  Sometimes, it is the sense of adventure or thrills, which is why it’s imperative to know your partner. Because then you will see that it is too much when one of you is not enjoying it anymore. 


Sex becomes dry and stagnant when one of you does not look forward to doing it. When a person feels obligated or lacks the excitement whenever you are having sex, it is a sign that you’re having too much sex.