Giving Direction to Your Partner

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The Importance of Giving Direction

 Communication is the key to any good relationship.

 “If you want a relationship to last, cherish it.”

Most people are afraid of directing their partner in fear of discouraging their abilities in a sexual encounter. However, this leads to unsatisfied people who need to either turn to self-pleasure. On the other hand, they can let the sexual tension build up in their bodies only to cause negatively affect their stress levels. 

Sharing feedback is essential for a couple. It helps the couple understand where to improve on and how to make the experience more spectacular the next time around. Moreover, it can also decrease miscommunication that can lead to a more significant issue in a couple’s relationship.

A study in 2004 found that people who have high motivation to meet their partner’s needs tend to be more satisfied and committed to their relationships. Moreover, they are also more responsive to each other’s sexual needs as well.

How to direct your partner:

  1. Use non-verbal communication. The way you act or sound can help provide information to your partner on what’s good or bad. However, these actions can easily get misinterpreted; thus, solely relying on it is not recommended.
  2. Share comments and feedback after the activity. Giving opinions and feedbacks are vital to improving the experience for next time. It also increases the trust factor for the couple.  
  3. Understand each other’s interests and quirks. Different people are interested in different things. Learn each other’s expectations and interests for the activity. This process can help better understand what is pleasurable for each other.