Habit Management

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Do you control your habits, or do they control you?

It’s time to take control back.

Substitute a new GOOD HABIT for the old BAD HABIT

If you are not careful, the very control of your life can slip away from you. Our lives are built up from layers of habits, and not just In our present lives, but our tomorrows as well.

It’s not enough to say “no” to a bad habit. If you just put some new limitations on your life, you will feel shorted. You need to move towards something new, not away from, or try to escape from unwanted behaviors.

Methods to Manage Habitual Behaviors

After you have written down your bad habits, write a new habit that can replace the old one.

  • Make your new habit enjoyable. – if your dentist tells you to brush your teeth twice a day, find a small fun activity you can do while you brush.
  • Make your habit visible via your community. – To make your habit about community, ask yourself “What system can I create to tie my habit to other people or their expectations of me?”
  • Make your habit efficient.- Lastly, make your habit as efficient as possible. This requires trial, error, and assessment. You need to make a system to evaluate your habits.

You may describe destructive behavior patterns as“bad habits” sort of a shorthand way To refer to more deep-rooted problems.