Loving Your Inner Child Self

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Your Child Self has an Impact to your Wellbeing

“By listening to the needs of your inner child… you can move toward inner peace.”

What is your “inner child”, and how might it be impacting our daily lives?
“I love you.” Have you said those words to yourself lately? “Inner Child Work” can begin by asking some questions. Do I love myself? Do I acknowledge my own needs? Can I give myself more compassion?

Most of us have some childhood trauma, and most of us carry some emotional scars into adulthood. By embracing our inner child, we can help free ourselves to be more present, and to move forward into a better tomorrow. By listening to the needs of your inner child, and paying attention to your thoughts, you can express compassion for your child self. In turn, you will experience an increased sense of safety and peace, that forms an improved foundation for your life experience.

By listening to the needs of your inner child and paying attention to your thoughts, through compassion for your inner child you can let go of trauma, self-doubt, and self-judgment… and move toward inner peace.

If you are interested in learning more about how to interact with your child self, please check out this straight forward article: https://www.wikihow.com/Embrace-Your-Inner-Child