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Are you trusting to luck in protecting your important files?

Maintain a remote, multi-version backup of personal computer and smartphone files.

Backup and recovery of files mitigates device theft, device loss, device failure, ransomware attacks and data overflow. There are important alternatives to consider:

  • No backup (or the ostrich approach) is the easiest, but is highly risky! Consider that a dead smartphone or a stolen personal computer means total loss….
  • Local backup is conveniently handled by a USB-connected inexpensive external storage device coupled with the following software alternatives to perform the data backup:
  • Mac offers “Time Machine”
  • Windows 10 offers “Backup using File History”
  • Given the minimal expense and convenience of a local backup, it should be considered as a supplementary, yet important, part of a complete backup solution.
  • Remote, multi-version backup is highly recommended – this means using the Internet to (continuously) transfer files from your personal computer to a remote server. Multiple versions of each file should be stored and tracked for possible recovery. Choosing this alternative is, ultimately, the best solution if you are the victim of a ransomware attack or if disasters – floods, hurricanes and earthquakes – are possible in your area (like pretty much everywhere!).
  • A common choice is to use a cloud backup service. Some offerings provide multi-version support.
  • A strong choice is Carbonite™. As it continuously and remotely maintains multiple versions of selected files, Carbonite provides a certain means to recover if your are a victim of ransomware. This is NOT the case with most cloud-based backup services.

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