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Your family should have the keys to your online life

Create a printable record of personal cyber details (Kick the Bucket letter) for your family (heirs).

The traditional life transition documents are wills, trusts, durable power of attorney, advanced health care directive, life insurance policies and burial/funeral Instructions.

In addition, create a printable record of personal cyber details, i.e. a kick the bucket letter, to be written to facilitate the transition of a life’s critical information, both tangible and online, to one’s trusted family (e.g. heirs), with the following contents:

• Personal Computer(s) and Smartphone(s) Access instructions, such as passwords and pins.
• Critical File/Record access
• Backup files, disks and Cloud accounts.
• Tax documents, such as TurboTax® files.
• Online Accounts IDs/Passwords including password manager ID and password, if any.
• Contacts and access details (e.g. copy in safe deposit box or on personal computer) to the following:
• IDs: Birth certificates, social security cards, passports, citizenship papers, military ID
• Financial: Tax returns, stock certificates, investment records and accounts
• Healthcare: Immunization records, prescription info, insurance cards
• Family: Marriage licenses, divorce decrees, and custody or adoption papers
• Estate planning: Wills, trusts, funeral instructions
• Insurance: Policy info
• Benefits: Employment and government benefits docs
• Home and car: Proof of ownership, mortgage documents and vehicle deeds
• Contracts: Employment, rental and business
• Business: Recent tax and payroll returns
• Appraisals: Values of jewelry, collectibles, antiques and artwork
• Pets: License info and recent medical records

Consider combining in a package with:
• Copies of traditional key documents
• Safe Deposit Box Key(s) & Access

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