Preventing Injuries

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Injury prevention are one of the most important parts of your success and it requires specific training.

Have you ever strained a muscle, swinging a bat, strained a quad, running out routine, catch stranger hamstring, running the first base or strained a back muscles, trying to throw a routine pitch? Not sure if anyone ever told you, but these injuries are preventable.

The Iron Glenn concept for training and the Sports Science Index, they’re not just focus on the muscles. You can see we focus on the muscles. You cannot see, not the I look-good muscles, but the I feel-good muscles, the ones that protect the body from non-contact injuries. I have a player who constantly struggled with hamstring issues once he entered the program and we found the root cause of the problem was his quads were overdeveloped and they would dominate his hamstrings. We were able to correct that and switch to a more balanced program and boom, no more hamstring issues.

The key piece here is that an injury to something may involve another muscle, and until you understand that, you might be focused on the wrong thing for prevention and recovery.

This is not rocket science. We take a common sense approach and find the issue that others tend to overlook.

This program is designed to: 1) correct current injuries and 2) prevent those injuries from returning.