The Kinetic Chain

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As a professional, it is important you have knowledge of the kinetic chain.

You might think moving a muscle is like flexing your arm, almost like a life switch on and off. It’s not. It’s more like a recipe with a string of ingredients that have to be added in a specific sequence in the right amounts, where the results can either be amazing or disappointing. Kinesiology is a fancy word, which means movement of muscle. We call it the kinetic chain. Think like a bite chain. But the kinetic chain is a specific sequence in which the body and muscle should move and fire to get maximum amount of output.

Understanding your kinetic chain is vital. As an athlete, you wanna make sure that your training is helping your kinetic chain maintain optimal output. Everyone has a different history, so your muscles and how you use them is unique. Sort of like bringing different ingredients to a recipe, you need to understand what you have and how to tune this kinetic chain. I once had a guy I was training who was considered an arm thrower, meaning he didn’t use his lower body, which would’ve increased his speed and his lower his risk of injury.

Teaching him how to incorporate his body to work with his upper body, we were able to reactivate and repair his kinetic chain, and in doing so, we were able to increase his velocity in extra four miles an hour, which is huge. Now his fast ball is top an hour at 98 miles per hour. Understanding and having a properly functioning kinetic chain will help improve performance, maximize output with performing athletics movements.
Here at the Sports Science Index, we will help you to one, understand your kinetic chain and there are videos here. Gear to that. Two, identify the floors in your kinetic chain, and three, repair those floors in the kinetic chain.

Understanding the importance of how your body is currently moving and how it should be moving when it’s in tune.