Let Go of Impatience

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Five strategies to let go of impatience

Letting go of impatience makes everyone feels  comfortable around you

Do you get impatient?

To let go of impatience, we must have the insight to logically think about others and their happiness. When we honor the emotional and mental process of other people and honor the time and space they need to act or think, it helps them stay composed and focused on whatever they do. This often guarantees the best outcome of any situation or activity.

Patience is a virtue, or so they say. So, it is something that is worth pursuing. Impatience is associated with depression, anxiety, and many other negative emotions. Research has also found that people who have learned and mastered the art of staying patient exhibit empathy and other great prosocial behaviors.

Letting go of impatience makes everyone feels comfortable around you

Apply the following strategies to enhance the virtue of patience within you:

• Allow other people to run on their own schedule

• Be compassionate

• Take time to understand people and avoid being anxious and easily irritated

• Be a good listener

• Learn to be realistic

According to the Journal of Positive Psychology that documents a study of 2012, there are 3 distinct expressions of patience including daily hassles, interpersonal, and life hardships. Interpersonal deals with maintaining calm when you are dealing with a person who is angry or upset. Daily hassles refer to the expression of patience whereby you need to suppress possible annoyance at anything irritating such as delays. Life hardships expression of patience is whereby you learn to find something positive after suffering a setback.

While studies show that patience is a personality trait, it can easily be modified. People who focus on modifying their level of patience are better equipped to let go of impatience and make the world a better place to people in their circle.