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6 Strategies To Let Go Of Expectations

Discover Joy and Fulfillment

Expectations are no doubt a hurting habit

Letting go of our expectations about future outcomes can lead to greater happiness because it primarily helps our minds to focus mainly on the now rather than trying to predict likely outcomes. Having expectations can prevent us from being happy because our minds will always respond negatively whenever the reality fails to match our expectations. Those who have a tendency to let go of expectations usually find joy and fulfillment.
Eli Khamarov, a famous writer, says that when there are no expectations, the best things happen in our lives. So, without having any expectations, your mind becomes an empty vessel that allows life to pour itself into you. Having no expectations allows your mind to get past any imaginable story in your mind and fully appreciate life for every good thing it brings.

Recommended strategies
Expectations are no doubt a hurting habit. To be absolutely free of expectations is no doubt a desire that everyone needs to chase. To help let go of expectations and live a happy life every day, use the following strategies in order to shift your perception towards right now, right here.

  •  Be kind, aware, generous, and open to yourself
  • Let others be and choose to respond positively irrespective of how they choose to show up or react in the moment.
  • Trust your intuition and wisdom and do that which arises from your intuition
  • Live right now and be grateful for that which you already have at the moment instead of focusing on what you want
  • Acknowledge that what you think I not what others think
  • Don’t take anything too personally

By practicing these habits every day, we can find it easier to let go of outcomes.