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More reasons to be present

Being present can help your quality of life in many ways

Whenever you are talking to someone, show respect and remain present

Being present when speaking or listening to someone promotes good communication that builds a great connection between people involved. The process of active listening is typically dominated by being present in whole without allowing the mind to wonder. Those who demonstrate their presence when listening make those speaking to them feel good, happy and valued.

There are so many things that flood us. From last-minute meetings to texts, emails and phones and so on, these things can make active listening very difficult as they continuously distract us from being present during a conversation. To be present and listen actively, we must continuously resist the urge to allow any distraction to creep in when listening to someone.

Being present can help achieve a lot when listening to people

Whenever you are talking to someone, be sure to be present. Always be an active listener. Look the person speaking into the eye without allowing anything distracts your attention. Stay with them for the whole time you are talking to each other and share your understanding with them. By doing so, you will achieve the following:

• You will become aware of where your mind is and bring it back in case it is wondering away

• You will be listening without getting ready to respond and this helps you understand what the other person is saying

• You will bring your mind to empathize with the person speaking to you if they are sharing a problem they have

• It helps you become aware of where your intentions lie

• You will be able to focus fully on what people are saying and also understand their perspective

Being present helps you stay at the center of the conversation and even your body language will clearly show that you are listening actively.