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The Core Truth on What It Means to Live Your Values

Focus on Meaning

“What matters is not only to have values but to live them.”

Are there certain values that govern your behavior, such that they have become an integral part of your truth? To live your life with intention, there are guiding principles that compel you to act in the context of what you truly believe in.

Identifying your core values in life
Core values are relative, and they vary from person to person based on beliefs and priorities. They include courage, compassion, honesty, integrity, respect, patience, loyalty, and many more.

The key would be to focus on yourself and ask: What are the values that rank highest on the list for me – the ones that are most important to me? What gives me satisfaction and meaning in life, enough to make me feel that I am succeeding? What are the ideals that make me happy, whether they play out in my own life or I see them in others?

Living your values to the fullest
Living according to our core values can be self-validating. We feel that we are headed in the right path after all, when the kind of life we live is aligned with the core values we have. Thus, what matters is not only to have values but to live them. And the more these values govern your daily life, the more you feel like you are turning out to be the person you were always meant to be.

For instance, if acting with integrity is a measure of success for you, then sticking to the truth and being impeccable with your word to yourself and others would really sit well with you. At the end of the day, you will not choose to compromise your integrity, simply because you could neither live with yourself nor have a good night’s rest without it.