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Mobile Safety – Call Blocking

Unsolicited robo calls interrupt us and can be risky

For excessive robo calls, contact phone service providers for blocking services.

There are assorted approaches to minimize robo calls, i.e. vishing attacks, starting with your telephone service provider:
● Verizon offers a free Call Filter app to identify spam/robo calls as they arrive and automatically send them to voicemail.
● T-Mobile®, AT&T® and Sprint™ offer call blocking.

Recent improvements from smartphone manufacturers should be tried, if you have the latest versions:
● For iPhones, Apple’s iOS 13 has an option to mute calls coming from any phone number that isn’t in your address book. Open Settings → Phone → click Silence Unknown Callers.
● For some smartphones with Android 10 installed, there is a Call Screen feature, which, when enabled by the user, has Google Assistant automatically answer the call and ask the caller to state their name and purpose so the phone owner can determine if they wish to receive the call.
● Also, on some Android phones, open the Phone app→ Tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner → Select Settings → Tap Blocked numbers →Toggle on Block calls from unidentified callers .
● The Google Pixel™ can be set to stop the ring and mark known spam numbers

For additional ways to minimize vishing, check out these resources:
● The Cellular Telecommunications Industry (CTIA) provides guidance on stopping robocalls at
● The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) offers tips at and
● Use the “Do Not Call” Registry by calling 888-382-1222 or going to

CyberGuardian: a SecureTheVillage Guide for Residents is available on Amazon.
A complete Security Checklist is available:
References for Village Residents are available at SECURE THE VILLAGE:

Supplemental Articles:
“How to Silence Spam Calls”, Brian Chen, NY Times, Mar 5, 2020

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