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Keeping smart device access private is important.

Use touch/facial recognition (if available) and a non-obvious pass code for all devices.

It is startling to know how easy it is for a smartphone or tablet thief to get past your device’s numeric passcode. Per a article, twenty-six percent of devices could be opened from a set of about 20 candidate numbers!

iPhone (and iPad) users should setup Touch ID® and a non-obvious, non-personal, numeric passcode containing a memorable six digits (or as many as your iPhone allows). Most of the time, Touch ID with your thumb will work just fine. Later iPhones offer Face ID® which improves security. Once you have created a passcode, the iPhone will encrypt your smartphone data, by default. Set the iPhone to erase smartphone contents after 10 failed passcode attempts are made (see Settings → General → Reset).

Android users should set up fingerprint recognition to unlock the smartphone by going to Settings → Lock screen and security → Fingerprint scanner. In addition, set up a non-obvious PIN code or alphanumeric passcode by going to Settings → Security → Screen lock. The latest Google Pixels (4 & 4XL) use face unlock, which improves on the iPhone. Finally, encrypt the contents on your smartphone by going to Settings → Security & Location → Encryption → Encrypt phone → enter lock screen PIN or password. The latest versions encrypt by default.

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