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Mobile Safety – Sharing Contacts

Does everybody need to know who you keep contact with?

Minimize use of contact sharing.

Access to your Contacts should be minimized. In the wrong hands, your contacts can reveal personal information of friends, relatives and colleagues to the wrong persons. Another risk: if the social media site that stores your contacts gets hacked, your contact list may become public.

● On the iPhone, go to Settings → Privacy → Contacts to see which apps can access your contacts. Adjust as needed.

● On the Android, the Contacts app by Google (not available on all Android phones) provides a consistent interface between your smartphone and the web, and it links closely with social media apps like Facebook. Individual contacts can be selectively unshared.

CyberGuardian: a SecureTheVillage Guide for Residents is available on Amazon.
A complete Security Checklist is available:
References for Village Residents are available at SECURE THE VILLAGE:

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