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Running out-of-date software is dangerous – cybercriminals can take over your device and steal your information

Keep software (operating system, web browser, apps, …) up to date on all smartphones using only the native auto-update feature.

Built on the latest technologies of touchscreens, wireless communications and rechargeable batteries, smartphones have revolutionized how we talk to each other and what we now keep in our pants pockets and purses!

Relent when your smartphone asks to update your operating system software. Keeping it up to date can be crucial in maintaining the security of your device(s). The risk is that, if a vulnerability in a service or application you use is discovered, it can be used to exploit your device and its contents. So, always keep your software up to date on your smartphone. This is easily done, if you make sure automatic updates are turned on for all devices and software.

This recommendation to keep software up to date includes diverse applications that you may not use regularly. All applications must be updated, so manually update applications that don’t update automatically. Service programs (software that support applications), need to be kept up to date as well.

Be careful with the source of any software update notice, especially if it arrives via email. Always, go to the website of the developing company to concretely determine that an update is needed.

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