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Nail Care: It’s All About the Fingers

Your hands and feet never take a day off, so take care of them.

“Your nails are like jewels. Don’t use them like tools.”-Essie Weingarten

Most people, especially men, don’t pay attention to the condition of their nails. Fingernails consists of a protein called keratin. They contribute a vital part in sowing what’s wrong with the body. Bad conditioned fingernails are a telltale sign of health conditions and issues. 

Healthy nails are usually smooth and uniformly shaped. They are free from ridges and discolorations. Moreover, they have strong tensile strength and are not brittle. 

Common nail issues:

  1. Brittle nails- these can either due to genetics or exposure to chemicals. Wearing gloves is recommended when handling chemicals. 
  2. Fungal infection- causes discoloration and itchiness in the fingers. Anti-fungal cream can be used to avoid it. 
  3. White Spots- this is caused by adding trauma to nails or through trapped air bubbles. 
  4. Ridges- this is caused by prolonged exposure to water or nail polish.

How to take care of nails:

  • Keep them dry and clean. Fingernails are great places for fungi and bacteria to grow. 
  • Learn good nail practice. Trims nails into a curve shape using the proper nail clippers. 
  • Add moisturizer to the nails and cuticles. 
  • Add supplements if necessary. Biotin is a known supplement for hair and nails which are both made out of keratin. Nail hardeners are also available topically and can help harden brittle nails. 

If you cannot correctly trim or take care of your nails, we recommend that you visit the nail salon bi-weekly to help trim the nails and cuticles.