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Don’t fall into the trap of an insecure home network setup

Set up your home router with a non-personal SSID, memorable and strong password, WPA2 encryption, firewall enabled, and remote management turned off.

The wireless router in your home network needs one-time setup as a device, with an access ID and password for the administrator (usually you!). When this is complete, the administrator (you) sets up your home network.
This one-time effort should be done carefully. Choose a unique, memorable ID and STRONG, memorable password (more later on this) to administer the router’s settings.

Next, following your router’s instructions, set up your home network by creating a unique, memorable Wi-Fi network name – also called an SSID – that offers NO personal or familial reference. This name is broadcast in your neighborhood, so it shouldn’t identify your family or home. You should also create a STRONG, memorable password to be used by each home-based device when seeking Wi-Fi access.

At the same time, you will select a data encryption option for the Wi-Fi network – WPA2 should be selected, unless WPA3 is available. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) are data encryption standards for users of computing devices equipped with wireless Internet connections. Both offer superior data encryption to the original data encryption option, WEP (which should no longer be used).

Next, ensure that your router’s firewall is enabled to protect your Wi-FI network from unwanted incoming data traffic.
Some routers allow remote access to a router’s controls, enabling the manufacturer to provide technical support, as an option. Some routers support the UPnP home networking protocol which supports remote access for gamers. Never leave these remote management features enabled. Hackers can and will use them to get into your home network.

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