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Network Security – Network Firewall

Bad actors can send bad data to and from your smart devices

Setup a software firewall on personal devices through operating system or security suite.

A firewall is a piece of hardware or software that helps prevent malware and malicious attacks from entering a computer or a network of computers through the Internet. It is a barrier that complements other security elements, such as antivirus software.

Hardware firewalls filter [i.e. judge] Internet data traffic, examining incoming data and filter it for its source and content, accepting incoming traffic from approved sources, denying incoming traffic from unapproved others. Most Internet routers have a built in firewall, thereby protecting all the devices connected to them. They are easy to set-up and connect to.
For monitoring outbound data traffic from your personal computer (or any single device), a software firewall is typically used. If a virus manages to elude the hardware firewall and installs itself on one of your devices, the software firewall should be able to trap any resultant problematic outbound data transmissions (e.g. personal computer malware – or bot – which broadcasts data from your device to harm other networked devices). Software firewalls are customizable to adjust to user needs (e.g. Internet gaming). They are available on most major operating systems and should be set up and used. If you invest in an add-on security suite, such as Norton™ 360, firewall software is typically included.

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