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It’s tough to manage your passwords on the back of a napkin

Use a Password Manager, browser-based or add-on, to manage your passwords.

Password Managers are a software service that gathers IDs and passwords as you enter them at websites and applications. Once captured, the service will automatically enter them when you return to the site or app. Additional features vary across the competitors, including password strength checking, automatic password generation and breached passwords notification.

Password managers are now built-in to most major browsers – for example Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The advantages are that they are free and don’t require special installation. The possible disadvantages are that it ties you to a specific browser and may limit flexibility if you use multiple devices. For example, I use Chrome on my laptop and Safari on my iPhone.

Add-on password managers are available for purchase and work with your browser(s) to store and automatically refill your IDs and passwords across multiple browsers and devices. They typically compete strongly with their browser built-in competitors, offering various additional features. Dashlane, 1Password, Norton and LastPass are some of the best-reviewed add-on products.

If you install an add-on password manager, remove any passwords that your Web browser may be storing (duplicatively now) for you – this will prevent a hacker from learning this information if your browser-related account is hacked (e.g. Google or Microsoft).
● In Chrome, press Ctrl+Shift+Delete to open the Clear Browsing Data dialog box → click the Advanced tab→ click All Time for the Time Range → click the Passwords And Other Sign-in Data option → click Clear Data.
● In Microsoft Edge, press Alt+X to open the Settings And More menu → click Settings → select the Privacy & Security tab → click Clear Browsing Data → click Select Passwords → click Clear.

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