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Bad actors can inhabit your gaming world

Gamers should document suspected hacking and report it to developers.

early one million compromised accounts providing internal access to video game companies are up for sale on dark web forums. Hackers are zeroing in on gamers and their games given that the online-gaming industry is set to reach almost $200 billion in revenue by 2022.

When not playing, gamers have the same security issues and concerns as everyone else. However, gameplay is a very different world where only some of the normal rules of civilized behavior apply. Hackers will attack gamers and steal their virtual goods – they can sell them in some cases for real-world money. In some games, there is a virtual world where real money can purchase virtual property, resulting in “virtual crime.”

Game environments are also inherently more dangerous than the non-gaming online world as “game developers are pressured to deliver more products at a faster pace, meaning there are more bugs and security issues for cybercriminals to exploit.”

In addition to the general protective activities recommended in this book, such as using unique ids and passwords for each activity (or game), gamers are encouraged to document any experience of suspecting hacking while gaming, e.g. take a screenshot (use the “print screen” button on the keyboard) and report it to game developers.

Here are some warning signs of cyberattacks for gamers from :
● If your device is running out of power quickly, slows down, gets warm, reboots, or switches itself off, you may have downloaded a malicious gaming app.
● If you are locked out of your gaming account, someone may have gotten hold of your username, password, email address, or your parent’s credit card information. Change your credentials immediately.
● If another gamer is harassing you, making inappropriate comments, or saying things that make you feel uncomfortable, you may be experiencing cyberbullying or cyber harassment.

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