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Hackers feast on your unencrypted files

Encrypt your files on all devices. Consult a professional, if necessary.

Both major personal computer flavors – Windows or Mac – support file encryption on fixed and external disks (e.g. flash drives). It is very important to activate this in case your laptop is stolen. Use BitLocker® (for Windows) or FileVault® (for macOS).

Even more risky is the possible theft or loss of a flash drive – those key-like fobs with a USB connector (aka. thumb drives, flash drives, USB sticks) that plug into any laptop for file sharing. Data should be minimized to the needed files and wiped often. Of course, encrypt them as suggested above.

CyberGuardian: a SecureTheVillage Guide for Residents is available on Amazon.
A complete Security Checklist is available: https://www.nerdsiview.com/security-checklist-2/
References for Village Residents are available at SECURE THE VILLAGE: https://securethevillage.org/residents

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