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Sharing a PC needs smart setup

Set up non-Administrator accounts for yourself and other users on your PC.

Your initial account on your PC, whether Windows or Mac, will typically be an Administrator account, allowing you to create additional users and control their access. Guard Administrator account credentials carefully given their powers.

Create a separate personal account for your daily use, distinct from your Administrator account, to minimize risk if your account credentials are compromised by malware and create separate accounts for all family members on your computer, as follows:
● In Windows, open Settings → Accounts → Family & other people → Add a family member → follow remaining steps.
● On a Mac, select System Preferences → Users & Groups → lock icon → administrative password → Unlock button → plus button at bottom of user list → New Account → account type of choice (If parent setting up for child, select Managed with Parental Controls) → full name → Account name → Create User.

CyberGuardian: a SecureTheVillage Guide for Residents is available on Amazon.
A complete Security Checklist is available: https://www.nerdsiview.com/security-checklist-2/
References for Village Residents are available at SECURE THE VILLAGE: https://securethevillage.org/residents

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