Ongoing Professional Development

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Lifelong Learning Applied to the Work Setting

Especially in today’s high technology world, things you knew and used 5 years ago may be out-of-date!

Continuing professional development is important to individuals, and companies because it delivers benefits to the bottom line, and to the richness of their career experience.

Always on the hunt for new knowledge assures that you will have today’s cutting edge skills to deliver high-quality professional services to your company and its customers, clients and the community. New knowledge may open up opportunities for advancement.

Examples of activities which may contribute to your professional growth and development:

  • Continuing Education. Receiving CEC credits, or not, formal education channels offer a certain curriculum and type of knowledge in a unique setting.
  • Participate in professional organizations. Your industry may have prominent associations that offer courses or third party learning solutions.
  • Individual Research. In today’s world of Google and Bing search engines, millions of pages of knowledge are at your fingertips. Learn how to extract accurate information that is relevant to your career.