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6 Good Reasons to Put Away Those Devices

Putting away electronics during  family times will help you tune into the moment

Just like anything worthwhile, family time needs to be guarded

Family times are very important. Just like anything worthwhile, family time needs to be guarded. That means setting guidelines for avoiding anything that could eat into family times. Among the things to avoid are electronics, which have now become part of human life in this digital error.

L. Tom Perry says that the most important thing to do in life is to make our families the top of our priorities and the center of our lives. There is definitely a place for phones, computers, laptops, tablets, and a whole host of many other electronics in our ever busy lives. Those techno-gadgetry tools are very necessary components of school, maintaining calendars, and business. But when we are home and taking dinner, or at family events, or on a vacation and we really need to spend quality time with family and friends, it’s important that we come up with guidelines for putting all electronics away.

Putting away electronics during family times will help you tune into the moment

When you put away electronics and tune in completely, you will have more quality time with those you love. The benefits of doing so include:

• Better social connections because you give each other your full attention

• Everyone lives in the moment and there is no missing out on anything

• It reduces anxiety since the messages we tend to receive on phones are often depressing

• More family time as everyone has enough time to tell share their day experiences

• It helps you limit phone and screen use and this can help increase the quality of sleep

• Results in increased happiness

So, while whatever you want to check on your phone or on TV is important, they can’t compare to how important our dearest ones are.